Bauman Agri Service is a grain elevator & transport company serving the agriculture community in Southwestern Ontario. We are a family run business that values honesty & good business ethics. We place tremendous value on our dedicated team who has built Bauman Agri Services to what it is today.


Bauman Agri Services provides a vast diversity of services to the Ontario agriculture sector. We have bulk dump trailers and hopper trailers that can haul grain from your storage bins to feed mills, the grain terminal, or soybean crushers and ethanol plants. We have feed trucks to haul feed from the mills to dairy, hog, chicken, and beef farms. We have van trailers to haul skids of feed, seed, and fertilizer to farm supply depots. We also have tanker trailers to haul liquid fertilizer from the ports to farms.


We are a licensed commercial elevator with storage. We receive corn, crusher beans, canola, oats, and barley. We can receive your grain during harvest; dry it if necessary and store it until you want to sell it. You dump it in our pit and we do the rest! Or you can bring your crop in during harvest and take it back home for your own use.
Bauman Agri Services has markets for your crops year round and we are always buying. Whether you have grain sitting in your bin from the previous year or you want to sell in the futures we are willing to market it for you.


If you need 40 ton or even if it’s just 2 Ton we can source and commodity you may need. Just give us a call! Some of the products we sell are:

  • Corn
  • Soymeal
  • Corn Distillers
  • Barley
  • Mixed Grain
  • Oats
  • Gluten Feed

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